A photograph of our prefabricated mechanical and electrical modules, mass produced to aid quick installation.

Collaboration and communication is the key to a successful design stage in any construction process and with the requirements of BIM compliance by 2016 for all government projects, this will become more and more essential.


We currently have a dedicated focus group within Vaughan Engineering to implement, discuss and progress our Building Information Modelling projects. Currently Vaughan are operating at an early BIM Stage 2 compliance using 3D Intelligent BIM models and collaborating with external parties using the latest 3D software and techniques.


Vaughan are perfectly placed to work collaboratively within the industry using the current PAS 1192-2 specification from the BSI group.

Recognising the industry's ever increasing technical and fast track construction methods, we have developed our pre-fabrication workshops to meet these changing demands over the past 15 years. In recent years the preference for off-site pre-assembled multi-service modules within building services projects has grown rapidly and coupled with more rigorous Health & Safety requirements these regional facilities have become standalone pre-fabrication divisions within the Vaughan Group.


These divisions work closely with our Clients and Suppliers to provide innovative solutions to the ever changing challenges in today's market. Investment in Computer aided Design and manufacturing software enables our engineers to work from original Architectural project drawings to produce fully co-ordinated services systems within the constraints of the building structure. From these detailed drawings we can produce off-site fabrication of Boiler-houses, packaged containerised Plant-rooms and modularisation of fully serviced M & E risers.


Modular engineered systems include all aspects of building services. We have undertaken the Design and supply of modules which included heating, water services, drainage stacks, ductwork, electrical containment and mist sprinkler pipe work. When complete these modules are individually referenced and delivered to site and positioned in their pre-designated locations. The modules are simply connected up to create a complete and fully tested system.


Continuing specialisation in modular engineered systems allows our fabrication centres to deliver improved quality and environmental performance whilst ensuring shorter on site installation durations along with reduced health & safety risks.